Games as Research

Games as Research is a SSHRC-funded project I am undertaking with Pippin Barr, Danny Godin, and Jonathan Lessard about documenting, observing, reflecting on, and learning from game design processes undertaken within an academic context. Academic game design is a strange (low resolution) beast, falling somewhere between game studies and game HCI, but with special qualities that neither field adequately addresses, even when combined. Our work is therefore about experimenting with and normalising design-oriented practices around game design research.

Speculative Play

What if we could make complex social and cultural questions playable? And what if we could do so through interactions with familiar digital interfaces set in alternative presents and near futures? These questions constitute the backbone of the project, Speculative Play (funded by the Quebec FRQSC), which seeks to explore the intersection between the discursive design traditions of Speculative and Critical Design on the one hand, and the pragmatic philosophies and best practices of interaction design and playful media (PM) on the other.