Vegetal Surveillance System

Vegetal Surveillance System keep your potatoes in a sack otherwise they watch you (move your mouse)

The Splash of a Drop

The Splash of a Drop The Splash of a Drop Images come from a publication from 1897 titled The Splash of a Drop by Professor A. M. Worthington. It is essentially lecture notes for a presentation he delivered, and it now exists within the public domain. The original features five pages of illustrations, collectively presenting 30 hand-drawn frames of a drop of mercury making contact with a glass surface.

Words to Live By

Words to Live By For years now, I've had a habit of falling asleep on the sofa around 9:30pm. The sleep comes on like a wave; it's closer to disappearing into unconsciousness. I awake about an hour later, and then out of a confused impulse to wreak revenge on myself for falling asleep too early, I proceed to stay up for another hour or two. I told my doctor about it, and her response to me was: "

Being a JPG

Being a JPG MP4 wishes to lead a simple life; dreams of being a JPG.

Productivity System

Productivity System (Rilla's) Productivity System ((R)PS) No I don't mean that RPS. And I definitely don't mean this one (who even comes up with blockchain rock, paper, scissors??). Today, I have solved productivity. So now I am feeling extremely magnanimous; overflowing with benevolence in fact. And for today only I will share my productivity system with you freely. List your responsibilities / tasks / todos / obligations / burdens / millstones / peptic ulcer accelerants that are plaguing you.

A Box of Dad Jokes

Life is like a box of dad jokes Some of it is funny All of it is embarrassing Reload to get a fresh batch of dad jokes. Sound from ZapSplat.

Unholy Unions: Merriam-Webster & Giphy

Unholy Unions: Merriam-Webster & Giphy "If Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Giphy had a baby together, what would it look like?" Indeed. Well, now you can find out.

Machine Translation

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Machine Translation The vodka is good but the meat is rotten In the apocryphal machine translation story, the text "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" became, "the vodka is good but the meat is rotten". Today's code sketch pays homage to that. Click on any of the words in the yellow box to see what WordsAPI rustles up as a synonym (no substitutions made means WordsAPI had no synonyms to offer).


Spacetime Where are we? During dinner the other day, our friend Jhave reminded us of the incredible difficulty of trying to retain in mind the idea that time is space. So consider the image a clock of sorts, that renders differently based on what time it is for you. Or where in the world you choose to be. Also, who knew SVGs were so fun??

Les Couleurs

Les Couleurs

Remember 1996?

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Remember 1996? i remember when only 8 people in the country made a living off of web design that country was New Zealand; "view source" felt like looking at the internet's undies.

That Sinking Feeling

Only Two

Fast, cheap, good. This much is true. You can't have three, but you can have two. Other (common) cases no one bothers to mention: one | none.