Productivity System

Productivity System (Rilla's) Productivity System ((R)PS) No I don't mean that RPS. And I definitely don't mean this one (who even comes up with blockchain rock, paper, scissors??). Today, I have solved productivity. So now I am feeling extremely magnanimous; overflowing with benevolence in fact. And for today only I will share my productivity system with you freely. List your responsibilities / tasks / todos / obligations / burdens / millstones / peptic ulcer accelerants that are plaguing you.


Spacetime Where are we? During dinner the other day, our friend Jhave reminded us of the incredible difficulty of trying to retain in mind the idea that time is space. So consider the image a clock of sorts, that renders differently based on what time it is for you. Or where in the world you choose to be.

(300, 300)

A well-known urban legend amongst front-end developers is the ghost div who haunts (300, 300). They say that that div was put on the front page of www.geocities.com in 1999, at top: 300px; left: 300px; It always rendered as fast as it could, positioned itself exactly where it was asked to, but because it had (accidentally?) been assigned a z-index of -999, none of the millions of people who frequented GeoCities back then ever noticed it or appreciated it.

Les Couleurs

Les Couleurs

Remember 1996?

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Remember 1996? i remember when only 8 people in the country made a living off of web design that country was New Zealand; "view source" felt like looking at the internet's undies.

That Sinking Feeling

Only Two

Fast, cheap, good. This much is true. You can't have three, but you can have two. Other (common) cases no one bothers to mention: one | none.


There always needs to be a first post, right? This is that post. Writing it evokes the eery sensation of sliding back into 1997. Before CSS. Before WordPress. When size 8 courier was a badass typographical choice. When complex layouts were painstakingly crafted from 0px border frames and 1px gifs. When it still felt faintly plausible that you could, if you really worked at it, meet everyone in your country who happened to go online.