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Vegetal Surveillance System

Vegetal Surveillance System keep your potatoes in a sack otherwise they watch you (move your mouse)

Words to Live By

Words to Live By For years now, I've had a habit of falling asleep on the sofa around 9:30pm. The sleep comes on like a wave; it's closer to disappearing into unconsciousness. I awake about an hour later, and then out of a confused impulse to wreak revenge on myself for falling asleep too early, I proceed to stay up for another hour or two. I told my doctor about it, and her response to me was: "

Productivity System

Productivity System (Rilla's) Productivity System ((R)PS) No I don't mean that RPS. And I definitely don't mean this one (who even comes up with blockchain rock, paper, scissors??). Today, I have solved productivity. So now I am feeling extremely magnanimous; overflowing with benevolence in fact. And for today only I will share my productivity system with you freely. List your responsibilities / tasks / todos / obligations / burdens / millstones / peptic ulcer accelerants that are plaguing you.